Seeking a Packaging Partner? Here Are the Four “Must-Haves”

Posted by Eric Clamp on 8/10/16 9:30 AM


For some it’s a beauty contest. “Come up with a package design that is so innovative, so fabulous, it casts a spell on the consumer.” Well, maybe the request isn’t quite that dramatic. But when brand owners and package designers start the new relationship dance, or just kick off a new project, there is only one way to ensure the best outcome—pick a partner who can cut a clear path from design idea to manufacturability to shelf—from brand owner saying “I want something innovative,” to consumer saying, “I want this product.”

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Topics: Speed-to-Market, Packaging Development

Is Your Packaging Meeting Club Store Requirements?

Posted by Steve Milburn on 7/20/16 10:37 AM


Club stores go to great lengths to know their customers. They collect demographic information then add sales data to determine interest in new products. That data indicates that, though buying in bulk produces cost savings for them, club store members are also driven by a concern for the environment. They tend to be vigilant about this as they shop.

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Topics: New Product Launch, Packaging Development, Club Store Packaging

The One Thing to Look for in a Club Store Packaging Supplier

Posted by Don Bubar on 6/23/16 3:01 PM


When you enter the club store market, you will be investing in a potentially advantageous market. Nothing will ensure your success more than a packaging partner who has experience in packaging for the club store channel and the production capabilities to deliver for you.

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Topics: Speed-to-Market, New Product Launch, Club Store Packaging, Cut Entry Costs

Struggling to Bring Your Product to Market? Cut Entry Costs with Blister Packaging

Posted by Dave Kats on 4/28/16 3:00 PM


Retailers are demanding lower prices, smaller packaging footprints and more space in their planograms. Sales teams are looking for more incentives to entice retailers. And you want to be bold and aggressive, enter new markets and stay a step ahead of new product opportunities. How do you stand a chance at achieving all of this? Reduce entry costs.


But reducing entry costs can be challenging, especially when it comes to packaging. It’s tough to get around high set-up and unit costs, especially for smaller runs.

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Topics: Blister Packaging, New Product Launch, Packaging Development, Cut Entry Costs

How to Reduce Downtime and Improve Throughput with Blister Packaging

Posted by Mark Tracey on 4/5/16 12:10 PM


Downtime on your packaging line costs time and money. Even inefficient lines without downtime slow down speed-to-market and leave money on the table.

How do you avoid line issues that result in extra maintenance and employee over time? How do you complete packaging runs faster? How do you increase productivity? You could be shipping, on shelf and in consumers’ hands that much faster.

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Topics: Blister Packaging, Speed-to-Market, Throughput

Transparent Container Blog

This blog will provide brand owners the latest insights and industry best practices.  Here you can explore content that addresses packaging efficiencies, packaging design, channel marketing and everything in-between.


Designer Highlight: Ryan Falkman 

Beginning his career on the east coast, Ryan was a packaging designer for an extrusion blow molded products manufacturer. Fortunately for Transparent Container, Ryan moved back to his hometown in the Chicago area and now applies his expertise to concept development, product design and CAD engineering.


When Ryan first started at Transparent Container, his work focused on conceptual design and he provided the bulk of the company’s sketching and rendering work. His role then shifted to include more CAD modeling and engineered solutions. Now, he is the ultimate utility player who can apply his skills to any stage of the design process, from ideation all the way through to production.


Ryan’s multitude of skills includes sketching, rendering, and modeling and he’s proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, KeyShot, and Creo. Most recently, Ryan has added fabricated product design using Esko ArtiosCAD to his skill set. Ryan also was the designer on a project that brought TCC its 4th Ameristar Award and he was also instrumental in two projects that won TINA awards.