What We're Reading - April, 2018

Posted by Transparent Container on 4/19/18 12:00 AM


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How to Build Cost Savings into Your Blister Packaging

Posted by Mark Tracey on 4/18/18 9:23 AM

The Challenge: Star Power Brand Refresh

We’re all consumers. But when it comes to walking down the aisles of your ‘go-to’ retail stores…what catches your eye? Answer: the products that are visible through their see-through packaging, commonly called blister packaging.


Retailers know this and give preference to products that have star quality in both looks and brand recognition. So, CPG manufacturers are continually challenged in how they can boost their star power and visibility on store shelves. This is true even for well-known brands that enjoy category leading status in the marketplace – like a pen manufacturer.


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Importance of Time-to-Market for Your Blister Packaging

Posted by Jeremy Selin on 3/20/18 10:02 AM


Brand owners and product managers have many requirements when looking for the right blister packaging supplier. “Expertise” is a given, and you’ll also consider a partner’s ability to provide responsive service, consistent quality, and prices that fit in your overall budget. But for your brand to be successful, your supplier must also be able to hit the aggressive deadlines set by retailers.

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What We're Reading - March, 2018

Posted by Transparent Container on 3/19/18 10:03 AM


We loved the Packaging Digest piece,  “Packaging design opportunities abound in the 4th Dimension.” This interview highlights the way packaging is evolving. Take a look to read insights from industry expert, Brian Wagner, director of Ameripen and co-founder and principal of global management and packaging consultancy PTIS LLC. He believes that collaboration among disciplines is crucial to successful packaging.

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Transparent Container Earns UL Certification

Posted by Transparent Container on 2/23/18 2:14 PM

On February 23, 2018, the team at Transparent Container received exciting news. “Transparent Container is now an authorized printer for UL Certification Marks.” According to the UL website

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Designer Highlight: Mike Leonard 

Mike’s passion for design started at an early age. By his senior year in high school, Mike had taken and excelled in all the design classes his school had to offer. His teacher reached out to local manufacturing plants for a job for Mike and at the age of 17 he started his career designing commercial bathroom layouts for a company in McCook, IL. There, he worked after school and during summer vacations throughout college in the design and customer service departments.


Transparent Container recognized Mike’s design, engineering and customer service experience and for over ten years he has been a designer and the main CNC/CAM programmer within the ComboBlister® division. He feels the most exciting part of his job is that he gets to design something new every day and use his knowledge and imagination to create completely new design ideas. Mike excels at thinking ahead during the design process about how the package will look, form and feel. The result is smart designs that exceed client expectations and allow projects to run smoothly.


Mike has a B.S. in Engineering Technology, with an emphasis on design, from Northern Illinois University. He grew up in, and currently lives in, the southwest suburbs of Chicago. He’s is an avid sports fan whose favorite sport is college football. He’s played competitive basketball for most of his life and has been a licensed IHSA basketball official for both men’s and women’s games throughout the city and suburbs.

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