Retail Success Stories: Club Stores

Posted by Sarah Carson on 6/19/18 1:39 PM

Costco released their earnings report earlier this month, leading to an all-time high stock valuation (over $207 per share). Costco’s net sales increased by 12% year-over-year with membership growth of 14%.

Forbes contributor Barbara E. Kahn reported on Retail Winners and Losers last week, and named Costco as one of the big winners.

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Community Involvement Brings Out Our Best

Posted by Transparent Container on 6/8/18 3:34 PM

This week, Transparent Container hosted our 15th annual blood drive with LifeSource at Transparent Container’s Addison facility. The organizers were Lori Navarrete, Payroll Administrator, Maty Solís, HR Assistant. and Dora Marquez, Director of HR (pictured, left to right).

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The Smarter Route to Walmart Shelves is Through Sustainable Packaging

Posted by Jeff Lyman on 6/6/18 9:07 AM

Your new brand has been greenlit for Walmart!  As a first-time supplier to the mega-retail giant, you’ve done all the right things to sell your brand to the Walmart power buyers.  And that takes marketing smarts. 


But now you need packaging smarts. How do you package your product to fast-track its route to Walmart’s store shelves, fulfillment centers…and ultimately into the hands of savvy shoppers?

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Exclusive Invitation for Packaging Experts

Posted by Transparent Container on 5/18/18 2:02 PM


For a limited time*, Transparent Container is offering new* partners a risk-free opportunity to try our ComboBlister® program. 

Click this link for details!

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What We're Reading - May, 2018

Posted by Transparent Container on 5/16/18 1:11 PM

Has anyone on your marketing, engineering, or executive teams expressed an interest in sustainable packaging? Ha! That’s a rhetorical question. Sustainable packaging is top of mind for virtually everyone. A fast food restaurant in New Zealand had an idea – make the package edible! For Earth Day 2018, they wrapped their burgers in edible wafer paper.

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Designer Highlight: Brian Gaffney

bgaffney_3971_bw (cropped)-616799-editedBrian is a Transparent Container Applications Engineer and is primarily responsible for the design and manufacturing of all heat seal and auto-feed tooling. With twelve years of experience, he’s an expert at examining a packaging design at its’ inception and determining exactly what requirements will and will not be needed based on the demands of the design and the capabilities of a client’s equipment. He is then able to communicate those requirements to the client, whether he’s talking to the CEO, the plant manager or the machine operator on the plant floor. It’s no wonder than that Brian’s presence and input is critical when reviewing new projects or trouble-shooting any packaging production issues.


Brian received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago.  While pursuing his degree, he spent three years as an instructor for ACT and SAT preparatory classes for high school students. Brian finds competition to be a chief motivator for success and believes in the words of fictional NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” He’s also an NFL enthusiast and has been an avid bowler since the age of six.

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